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2019 – Foodlink Foundation

Thanks the net proceeds of the Greek-Italian Friendship Dinner the Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong has made a donation of HKD1,000 to Foodlink Foudation.

2018 – Friuli Venezia Giulia – Rigolato Flood Relief

In October 2018, Carnia – a territory in the North-Eastern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia – has suffered from heavy flooding. Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong has directed an emergency donation of EUR 3.000 (HKD26,913) to the Rigolato town to aid the rescue, sanitation and reconstruction effort as a whole..

2018 – Asociación de Mujeres de Habla Hispana

Fogolar Furlan has donated HKD 6,000 to the Asociación de Mujeres de Habla Hispana which has been used to support Cradle of Hope in Macau and St. Mary’s Home for Aged.

2017 – Feeding Hong Kong

As done in 2015 Fogolar Furlan has donated HKD10,000 to Feeding Hong Kong – the first food bank in Hong Kong – to provide free meals for underprivileged people.

2017 – Istituto Alberghiero di Amatrice

On 24 August 2016, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit the Apennines Mountains in central Italy, devastating the small towns of Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto. Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong has donated Euro 2,000 for the reconstruction of Istituto Alberghiero di Amatrice.

2016 – Emergency

EMERGENCY HONG KONG is an NGO working in collaboration with its Italian counterpart, EMERGENCY, on healthcare projects around the world. Founded in 1994, Emergency provides free and high quality medical and surgical treatment to victims of war, land mines and poverty worldwide. It runs various clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation and maternity centres in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, etc. In November 2015, Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong donated HK$8,800 to support Anabah Maternity Centre’s operation in northern Afghanistan. The Centre helps deliver 25,000+ babies a year and provides other gynaecology service to residents in remote areas of the Panjshir Valley.

2015 – Feeding Hong Kong

Feeding Hong Kong is the first food bank in Hong Kong. It collects fresh and high quality food that would otherwise be wasted in the city’s overused landfill. In addition to redistributing food to those in need, Feeding Hong Kong works tirelessly to raise awareness about poverty and food insecurity, as well as promoting basic nutritional education to the most vulnerable groups in Hong Kong. Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong has made a donation to Feeding Hong Kong in early 2015, which mainly goes towards needy people in the Kowloon area.

2015 – Foodlink Foundation

Foodlink Foundation is a Hong Kong-based food bank and a registered charity. Founded in 2001, it dedicates its resources to fighting hunger, building self-sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need. It collects surplus food from local hotels and restaurants and offers the beneficiary a hot and healthy meal every day, living up to the spirit of “Replacing Hunger with a Smile”. Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong has made two successive donations to Foodlink Foudation in mid-2015, providing no less than 2,400 meals to old and homeless people across the territory.

2014 – Genoa and Massa Carrara Flood Relief

In 2014, the province of Liguria has suffered from heavy flooding. Tens of thousands of people are displaced and their houses destroyed. In good solidarity with our fellow countrymen in Genoa and Massa Carrara, Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong has directed an emergency donation of EUR 3.000,- to the region to aid the rescue, sanitation and reconstruction effort as a whole. 

2014 – Oltre Quella Sedia

Oltre Quella Sedia is an Italian association based in Trieste aimed at helping and supporting disable people and their families through three main activities: the project “La vita che vorrei”, whose target is to enable these people to live together in a flat, the project “Teatro InteressHante” where these people can develop their theatrical skills, and other additional educational initiatives. If you are interested in learning more about this association, please visit its website:

2013 – Scuola Italiana Manzoni

Scuola Italiana Manzoni is an Italian School based in Hong Kong, aimed at promoting and teaching Italian language and culture. Through our donation we will support various activities of the School and sustain teachers and students.
If you are interested in learning more about this school, please visit their website:

2009 – Abruzzo Earthquake

In 2009 a powerful earthquake hit the region Abruzzo. Its epicentre was near the medieval city of L’Aquila and had damaged buildings, left thousands of residents homeless and killed hundreds of people, making this earthquake one of the deadliest earthquake to hit Italy since the Irpinia earthquake in 1980.

2010 – Hong Kong Italian institutions

In 2010 Fogolar Fulan Hong Kong made italian insitutions

2011 – Fresh Fish Traders School

In 2011 Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong receive letter from Fish Traders School

2012 – Emilia Earthquake

In 2012 Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong make donation to the Emilia’s heart-quake victims.

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